Buy listing or advertise / best way to attract Japanese HYIP investors

Welcome to my website!

This webpage is mainly for HYIP admins.





Self introduction

I have monitor page about HYIP in japanese.


In my website, I usually list HYIPs as personal listing which have possibility of becoming a good performer in the industry.

And you can buy premium listing with relatively cheap price.

I hope my website will help either HYIP admins and Investors a lot.


Bitsea(Premium listing)

1 level ref=5%、Total attracted investment=44.8BTC


1level ref=10%、Total attracted investment=10BTC

World miners

1level ref=5%、Total attracted investment= 6.4BTC


1 level ref=8% ,Total attracted investment=35.25BTC


1 level ref=5%(representative) , Total attracted investment=58380$


1level ref=10%, Total attracted investment=9006$


Total attracted investment=3091$


1level ref=5%, Total attracted investment= 2460$



1level ref=5%, Total attracted investment=2.05BTC



1level ref=5%, Total attracted investment=3.33BTC



Contact me if you would like to see more affiliate result.

Buy listing

I'm sorry but currently I'm not accepting new programs as I'm too busy and don't have time to write reviews. Thanks for understanding.

Premium listing

Here you can purchase Premium listing on my website, like other HYIP monitors.

My website has many Japanese HYIP investors and listing HYIP on my website is good opportunity to advertise your HYIP.

Premium listing HYIP is listed over Personal listing HYIP.


Listing fee = 10USD or 0.015BTC

Minimum reinvestment = 40USD or more for USD program, 0.05BTC or more for BTC program


I will list programs according to the amount of reinvestment. So, if you pay more for reinvestment, your program will listed more above than other premium listing HYIP in the page.

Please be careful that we don't use any HYIP monitor script and can't provide any status for allmonitors.

And I will decline HYIPs with poor quality, low advertising budget. They usually scams investor easily and even first investor will lose. I will accept HYIPs only have high probability to let some investors in profit.


I will move programs to Problem or Not paying status on such situation:

・Can not get paid within the time program determined on website

・Many not paying or selective payment report on forums

・My referrer reported withdraw problems

MNO or ISA listed the program as scam or problem

Benefit of the premium listing

1.Premium listing programs are listed above personal listing, which is more visible for investors.

2.All programs which had bought listing can purchase a free 1 week banner ads on top of the monitor page.To know more details, please read advertise section.

3.Publish review about program usually within 5 days, if you want. Please note that I will write not only good point about program but also bad point, like cheap design or copycat of previous programs.


To list your program, contact me on email.


You can advertise HYIPs on top of the monitor page.


728x90, 468x60 banner ads are accepted.

Price: 10$/week or 30$/month


1 week free banner ad for all premium listing programs.


To place your ads, contact me on email.